My pinnacle Baker’s Dozen Anomalies

There are hundreds of books, articles, documentaries, tv suggests and websites which can be or have been dedicated to anomalies or mysteries or the unknown. From UFOs and ancient astronauts to Bigfoot to Atlantis, to ESP to the Bermuda Triangle to spiritual miracles, the list is outwardly limitless. a few are pretty iffy; some have an awesome bona-fide pedigree. No two human beings will provide you with same lists of what to them are their pinnacle anomalies. there may be just too many that seize the creativeness of the superb unwashed. unique strokes for different oldsters. right here’s my list – at this point in time besides.ACCELERATING UNIVERSE: the paradox here is pretty truthful in that there is sizable observational evidence that the enlargement rate of the Universe is accelerating. however, logic dictates that because of the general gravity that the Universe has, the enlargement rate of the Universe should be decelerating. The ‘antigravity’ energy required to boost up the Universe’s growth has to return from somewhere, and in ever increasing quantities to maintain on maintaining on the ever increasing price of acceleration, yet, the Universe, almost by definition, already carries all there may be and ever could be. If more ‘antigravity’ power is being created, it is being created out of nothing. something from nothing is a clean violation of the basic conservation legal guidelines and principles that shape the bedrock of present day technological know-how.NEITH: Neith is, or became, the now-you-see-it-now-you-do not. now-all the time-lost satellite of our dual planet (in length if nothing else), Venus. the ambiguity here is that bona-fide professional astronomers, not one but severa celebrated astronomers, including Giovanni Cassini (1625-1712), sighted, stated and logged the lifestyles of the rattling component and wrote up their findings in their professional journals. okay, the time period became the mid-1600s to mid-1700s, but the expert eyeballs and the professional gadget changed into good enough to verify one manner or the opposite the presence or absence of a fairly sized natural satellite tv for pc in orbit round Venus.Of over thirty sightings of Neith, the fine recognized and validated have been in 1645, 1672, 1686, 1740, 1759, 1761 and 1764 (more than one sightings on severa days in March). Observations over that extend of duration would apparently rule out the ‘satellite tv for pc’ being a faint big name or asteroid or outer planet like Uranus or Neptune that simply occurred to be way past Venus but in the direct line of sight. on occasion the determined segment of Neith matched the phase of Venus, which once more suggests that the object was in close proximity to the planet.Venus, inward and in the direction of the solar than Earth, is a totally seen and prominent celestial item whilst viewed from Earth, normally called the Morning and nighttime ‘star’. we have all seen Venus; in truth in case you understand exactly where to look it is able to be seen inside the daytime sky. Venus is some distance sufficient faraway from the sun that the solar’s glare would not drown out meditated light from Venus, and presumably any items near or in orbit round Venus. A herbal satellite of Venus of any reasonable length ought to be simply detectable with the astronomical equipment available on the time. And so it honestly didn’t enhance any astronomical eyebrows when Neith became in reality located. the paradox here is that each person had been wrong. Neith does not exist. Venus has no natural satellite(s). Now either every person had been definitely incompetent and would not recognize one give up of a telescope from the opposite, in any other case Neith simply existed however one way or the other exited the nearby neighborhood. If it really is the case, then Neith wasn’t herbal at all however beneath sensible manipulate, and now not by any terrestrial intelligence. What Neith changed into, and wherein it disappeared to, are foremost anomalies.DRAGONS: the anomaly right here is if dragons and dragon-lore become the made from just one way of life at say one precise point in time, the concept can be easily brushed off. however once they seem in every culture, from historical instances even up thru the 1700′s when they were nonetheless a part of herbal records, then one wishes to pay nearer interest. this is all of the greater so considering the fact that dragons had been taken very seriously certainly. In China they had been the emissaries between the gods and the emperor, and woe beholds any of lesser rank that wore a dragon photograph on their man or woman. Dragons and dragon-lore form a prime part of what passes for science-fable these days. there is possibly no infant over the age of 5 who can’t wax lyrical and tell you all approximately dragon-lore. The pleasant bet situation is that whilst dragons may be considered mythical today; they definitely have been not, now not too exceedingly that many generations in the past. If it’s the case, if dragons were certainly real as soon as upon a time, then the ambiguity is – no fossils.GHOSTS: the ambiguity here is that you’ve had hundreds of hundreds, probably even tens of millions, of observations of ghosts or ghostly manifestations seeing that recorded records began being, properly, recorded. Sightings of apparitions or specters or spirits, whatever, were made and mentioned from each possible type of individual from every possible stroll of existence. They cannot all be flawed. The fly inside the ointment is that all of this is with out there being the slightest shred of physical, chemical or organic principle that could again up the sightings. there may be simply no way a deceased frame can break up in two and become being 1/2 lifeless (the part it’s buried or cremated) and 1/2 lively (the ghost), but the ghost, because it’s far animated, it can been seen and heard and interact with the encircling environment after all, need to be composed of count and power which presumable had to have been element and parcel of the original body first of all. As such the ghost needs to feed to top off that remember and expended power and no question perform related bodily features. No physics or chemistry or biology recognized to mankind can manipulate a deceased frame’s be counted and electricity in any such way as to account for that body’s ghost.So ghosts are all statement without a ok idea to aid them (in contrast to say the flying saucers extraterrestrial hypothesis which has strong principle to lower back up the possibility). there is no feasible manner of splitting a frame up into whole (remember and electricity) components as a minimum certainly one of that’s viable (alive) and that applies equally to out-of-the-frame studies and near-death experiences. some other question: If that have been possible, why prevent at two (the ghost and the useless body; the out-of-the-body frame and the body it got here from; the near-dying body and its animated counterpart) – why now not a trio or thirty or 3 hundred ‘clones’?OLMEC STONE HEADS: associated with the lengthy because defunct cultures of the Olmecs, the primary foremost civilization of the Americas, had been multi-ton solid stone heads – simply the heads; in the spherical. Anomaly one – no one has any real clue why the Olmecs carved out those stone heads which might have taken quite a few massive effort. Anomaly – the determine stones, weighing many, many heaps, had to be transported from mountain quarries multi-dozens of miles away without benefit of the wheel or beasts of burden, thru swampy jungle terrain; how become this carried out? Anomaly three – though the Olmecs were natives of Mexico, the stone heads appearance certainly African, and there was no obvious cultural contact among Africa and critical the usa BCE.SHAVED NAZCA RIDGE: on the dissected undeniable of Nazca (or Nazca wilderness or plateau) in Peru, there’s a well-known landmark, or marks – the ‘carvings’ or etchings of dozens of photos on the apparent than can most effective be liked or even diagnosed for what they’re from the air, that’s how they were determined in the 20th Century. The ground pics aren’t the anomaly because it is now not hard to assemble them and their reason was possibly meant as a message or homage to the gods up inside the Nazca version of heaven.The minor anomaly is that in addition to the etched pictogram pics there are many lines, even parallel lines, etched inside the pebbly desolate tract that run immediately as arrows for lengthy distances, purpose unknown, although some type of obscure astronomical alignment might be their reason. this is nevertheless a theoretical alternative though obvious astronomical alignments have now not handed muster.The actual anomaly here is that one of the ridges inside the neighborhood area has had it’s top lopped off, resulting now in a flat surfaced ‘ridge’, a surface as smooth as a toddler’s backside as if a warm knife sliced via smooth butter. All different ridges within the location look like nicely natural ridges. Now the primary bit is how. This flattened ridge is not a herbal formation so presumably human beings flattened it. the second one bit is why. It should were a massive undertaking casting off not dust or soil or sand however stable rock for reason(s) unknown to us. The third bit is that there may be no debris area or piles of rubble left over from the leveling. The rock have to were carted away, expending but extra time, attempt and electricity. some thing is screwy someplace. Erich von Daniken, of historical astronaut fame, idea the flattened surface of the now ridge-much less ridge ought to’ve served as a ‘runway’ for unidentified flying object, however that seems similarly screwy. As I say, this is anomalous, full prevent.CROP CIRCLES: there is no disputing, regardless of how plenty the pseudoscience skeptic you are, that crop circles do exist. there are numerous pissed-off farmers whose fields have been vandalized; multi-hundreds of after-the-fact eyewitness debts and an same range of films and images, in addition to on-site and laboratory evaluation of the phenomena. statement right here is on the a hundred% reality stage. locating logical and rational theoretical reasons are however way extra tough than a ‘take aspirin and make contact with me in the morning’ kind of treatment or analysis. In reality, irrespective of what idea is advanced, natural, human or alien, there are large flaws to be had with every.No natural phenomena can create a myriad of huge geometrically complicated ideal constructions using agricultural vegetation as the medium. The mission for a human, or even a group of humans, to create the same in overall darkness in just a few hours (this is a summertime occasion – lengthy days; brief nights), without errors, without leaving their lines (footprints, tire tracks, clutter, and many others) with out ever getting stuck, tried and convicted for trespass and vandalism, is beyond the theoretical pale for even the maximum ardent of skeptics and skeptical causes, although human hoaxes are the fallback role, albeit with out real evidence. As for ET, why they could travel giant distances to, at the least in component, dabble in agricultural graffiti, defies our expertise. If crop circles are an strive by way of aliens to talk with human beings, properly, there is been a failure to talk. idea right here is at the close to a hundred% uncertainty degree. there’s an extended street to hoe yet to reconcile observation and principle.ALIEN ABDUCTIONS: the paradox here is that you have loads, if not hundreds of case histories by way of individuals whose testimony you would not suppose twice approximately wondering in pretty much another context, but 1) the situation appears as an alternative absurd at face price, and a pair of) why are there so few and a ways between unbiased witnesses for what should be at face value be a situation it is impossible to hide from the rest of the outdoor international. but, i’m not in any position to call those abductees either liars or delusional or mentally unwell. In reality i am certain they’re no longer due to the fact who of their right mind might invent one of these frightening situation, one perpetrated upon themselves.HUMAN distinctiveness: the ambiguity right here is that we humans aren’t just a special species to all others beyond and present, but hugely, hugely exceptional. 4 vastly exceptional differences especially strike me as peculiar.We by myself of all of the mammals are bipedal. We by myself of all of the primates are ‘furless’ – the “naked Ape” as Desmond Morris described us. We by myself of all species which might be and have ever been, are pinnacle of the pops in IQ; king of the hill by using an terrific huge margin in intelligence or the ability to determine things out, name it what you will, plus the use of gear and technology way above that of some other species. ultimately, humans have very awesome facial features – it’s typically how we recognize the identity of some other human we have seen earlier than. With all other animal species, you are difficult pressed to tell one man or woman from some other based on facial capabilities. you spot one sheep’s face, you have seen all of them. You have a tendency to apprehend individuals of other species by means of size, coloration and colored styles, a few type of deformity or abnormality, no longer with the aid of their distinct facial capabilities which don’t clearly exist.If it suits all of the other mammals to undertake a 4-legged gait and be quadrupeds; if it acceptable our almost 2 hundred other primate cousins to keep their fur; if all other species can exist, survive, even thrive without screwdrivers, the automobile, plastics, crucial heating, the dishwasher, the internet and the atomic bomb then we’ve an anomaly right here. every animal species isn’t the same as each different animal species, manifestly, however there are variations and then there are differences! The human species is to date out in left subject as to be nearly out of the biodiversity ballpark.SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION: the ambiguity right here is that, albeit very rare, the human body can spontaneously burst into flame, killing the victim and turning the frame into ash. it is anomalous in that 1) the human body is composed specially of water that you don’t generally tend to partner with fire or spontaneous combustion; 2) the body’s temperature of ninety eight.6 levels Fahrenheit is hardly sizzling heat; three) this anomaly isn’t noticed in animals; 4) the hearth is localized to simply the frame and on the spot environment in spite of the extreme warmness needed to eat a human frame, and apparent resources of outside hearth, say a burning candle, are usually missing. the nearest concept is that possibly the sufferer’s frame become saturated with alcohol from excessive consuming, and alcohol of direction can burn, however that hardly ever geared up the lifestyle of the victim and it’d take one hell of a drinking binge to saturate physical tissues with alcohol in high sufficient concentrations to purpose the body to combust. given that animals do not spontaneously combust, that tends to rule out frame fat as a fuel source.RADIOACTIVITY: the anomaly right here is that radioactivity, the decay of volatile atomic nuclei into more strong configurations happens in a unique mathematical manner, known as the 1/2-life of the unstable nuclei. this is a established measurement and bona-fide remark. if you start with say one thousand volatile nuclei of substance X, time how lengthy it takes for the primary 500 to decay to a stable country. as soon as you’ve got that, then you definitely understand another 250 unstable nuclei will decay inside the genuine identical amount of time, and every other one hundred twenty five ditto, and so on down the line. however theoretically, how do these unintelligent, inanimate nuclei ‘know’ when it’s their turn to decay to uphold this 1/2-existence courting while there are all forms of alternatives? you could believe that the decay system could be, should be, random and haphazard, or follow a bell-fashioned distribution scale down, like say autumn leaves falling off a tree – some at first, then plenty, then many, then a variety of what is left, then the relaxation of the few left. Or, it would be logical to assume that if 500 out of one thousand nuclei decay in say one hour, that every one (the final 500) will go poof in two hours – a linear courting. anyway, observation shows it is the half-lifestyles relationship that mother Nature determined upon, however there’s no principle to lower back up that dating vis-à-vis every other IMHO.the opposite and possibly more severe anomaly is that there is no time-honored trigger mechanism. An unstable nucleus simply is going poof for no apparent motive. there is no purpose to this impact. You cannot trigger volatile nuclei into going poof by way of hammering on it, subjecting it to excessive heat or cold, pouring acid on it or through any other bodily and/or chemical method as your disposal. Take same risky nuclei, side with the aid of facet. One is going poof and the other doesn’t. Why? loss of causality is an anomaly in itself and deeply worrying. things happen for a purpose. purpose and impact have to pass back in an unbroken chain proper lower back to the large Bang (some thing else which reputedly came about for no discernible cause at all).WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: Of all things anomalous, quantum physics has to be proper up there in the going for walks for the gold medal. On the only hand, it’s been tested to first rate tiers of precision and when applied in technology in our cutting-edge international, paperwork the premise for a goodly percentage of the global economic system. on the other hand, it makes actually no feel, common or in any other case, in any respect. it really is why the mantra of those employed in making use of and handling quantum physics, or quantum mechanics as it is frequently termed, has a tendency to be “shut up and calculate and don’t worry approximately what it manner”.In our everyday macro global, bullets and billiard balls behave in a predictable style. they may be macro particles that do not wave everywhere in the bloody area, in any other case a soldier might in no way hit his goal and a recreation of billiards could be a farce. You honestly don’t need your automobile waving on down the toll road. but if you lived in the micro (quantum) global, it’s exactly what could show up. Take the infamous double-slit test.if you shine a beam of mild, that’s however little bullets referred to as photons, or fire some other elementary particle (or micro bullet) for that matter like electrons at a single open slit, the sample you get at a goal behind that slit is just a blob of bullet-like hits. the whole thing behaves like debris or like bullets. however in case you fire those little bullets at a double slit – two slits side by way of side, the target in the back of the double slit will display now not separate blobs, but a conventional wave interference pattern spread out over a wide place of alternating high and low concentrations of in which the little bullets hit, or didn’t hit. unusual doings that.well glaringly the little bullets are in some way interfering with themselves whilst in flight, so the next bit is to shoot them off just one-at-a-time, in order that one bullet hits the target behind the slit(s) earlier than the subsequent bullet is fired. That manner, bullets in flight can not get within the way of other bullets. while you do that with a single slit, you in the end get a unmarried blob of bullet hits at the goal it truly is at the back of: thus far so suitable. Now hearth off your one-at-a-time photon or electron bullets on the double slits. you’ll anticipate two blobs, one at the back of each slit. that is what you would anticipate, but that is now not what you get. What you spot is what you get and what you see remains that conventional wave interference pattern. So your little photon or electron bullets behave both like bullets or particles, but on the equal time behave like waves: wave-particle duality regulations the quantum roost. something is screwy somewhere!GOD: This is not really an anomaly due to any war among principle and observation. there’s little or no of either. the paradox here is why every person of their right thoughts could believe in any such supernatural deity. the gap between observational evidence and theoretical faith is so sizeable that it staggers the mind – at least it boggles my thoughts, all the extra so since the simplest actual description of God’s bona-fides, the human penned vintage testament, famous Him not as a just, loving, forgiving, merciful and compassionate deity but an all-round SOB that makes Hitler appearance downright cuddly.

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